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This Moms Guide to a Stress-Free Summer With Kids: Surviving the Mid-Summer Break

The countdown has officially begun. Summer is slowly coming to an end, well, at least for some. If you’re anywhere close to the west coast then you can agree that summer will be sticking around a few more months. I can’t complain though, except for the fact of having pesky bugs and insects that are driving me insane. While most parents may be stressing on how to keep their kids entertained just a few more months until school starts, I have some inspiration on how to survive the mid-summer break. I used to be stressed to the point of thinking I had to keep a bucket list of crazy cool things to do with my kids (thanks to Pinterest), and always have our days planned out, and to be honest, that alone was becoming overwhelming. Summer is suppose to be about mellowing down and enjoying the time spent with family. It seems these days so many of us are in competition with who has the longest bucket list and coolest hacks to keep their families entertained.

I don’t know about you, but growing up in the 80’s was literally the best time as a kid. I have memories playing with my neighborhood friends, riding each other around on our bike pegs and getting wet in a plastic pool that we barely fit in. The most important lesson I got out of those experiences were to be happy with what I had and to savor the little things. What I’m trying to say is teach your kids to be content with what is in front of them. They don’t always need to be lavished with gadgets and money. We can teach them to actually make friends and get off the Xbox and go ride a bike and get into some real fun. Enough of me rambling about how amazing my childhood was, here are my stress-free ways I am keeping my kiddos entertained:

  1. kids eat free restaurant days

Who doesn’t love a free meal? I love the days when kids eat free at restaurants. It literally saves me and my husband’s wallet. Kids are always hungry, even an hour after you feed them, so why not take advantage of the free meals that are offered to your kids?

2. Old school outdoor games

Hopscotch, Dodgeball, and Tether ball are always a good idea. There’s nothing better than grabbing your kicks and heading outside for some good old fashioned competition.

summer with kids

3. Go beach hopping

For those of us living so close to the beach, this is a must. The beach is my therapy and here is where my kids can run wild and be loud all while the waves outshine their happy screams. If you’re one of the lucky ones that don’t get red like a lobster, then you can sit back and relax while the kids burn off all that energy.

4. Visit your neighborhood pool, or borrow a friend’s pool key 🙂

5. Splash pads

6. Catch a ball game during baseball season, Go Padres!

7. Free museum days

If you hold a membership like we do, then you can always return with the kids free of charge.

8. Grab some Ice cream

What fun is summer without Ice cream? Be sure to visit any local businesses you haven’t had a chance to. This day my son and I discovered Moosie’s, a delicious ice cream parlor that was too cute to pass up.

9. Library reading programs

10. Movies in the park

11. Explore new neighborhoods, be a tourist in your own city.

12. Hiking

13. Farmer’s markets

14. Free children’s workshops, like Home Depot, Lowes, Apple store classes, and Lakeshore learning.

There’s your list of free and affordable ways to a stress-free summer with kids. I hope you enjoyed this information and as always take time to savor what truly matters, and that is family and loved ones.

What ways are you keeping your kids entertained this summer? Hang in there, you’ve only got a few more weeks to go and then it’s showtime all over again.





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