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Gigablast with Cox Communications

Disclosure: I received compensation to attend a social media event, all opinions are 100% mine. The latest craze going around the digital world is the new Gigablast from Cox Cable. After watching the commercials I was intrigued to find…

summer dress

Soft and Sweet Summer Look

With Summer finally arriving I wasn’t too sure if this dress would be a good fit considering the weather, but lately it has been ideal, so I dove into my closet and pulled out this outfit. This past weekend…


Personalized Christmas Cards From Minted

If you’re looking for personalized Christmas cards this season, look no further. Minted has got you covered. They have some of the most unique indie designs, along with amazing quality, which is evident. I was recently introduced to this…

how to style a school uniform for girls

Back to school check list

I don’t know who is more excited about back to school, my kids or me. Either way we all have made every effort to check off important items for their first day of school. I like to include them…