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Gigablast with Cox Communications

Disclosure: I received compensation to attend a social media event, all opinions are 100% mine.

The latest craze going around the digital world is the new Gigablast from Cox Cable. After watching the commercials I was intrigued to find out more. Having the Gigablast means major changes to one’s household; families would have the opportunity at enjoying faster in-home WiFi to power all devices with the ability to keep everyone gaming, streaming and sharing what they love. During my experience at the Pinnacle Penthouse in Downtown San Diego, there were multiple activities taking place. In each room, there were a series of demonstrations that allowed me to experience first hand at what the Gigablast had to offer. Demonstrations included high-tech products and bandwidth-demanding activities, Interactive gaming, Tele-med consultations with a Sharp Reese Steely doctor, which was my favorite considering I am a current patient. Having the opportunity to chat with my doctor from the comfort of my home is a life saver, considering my little tribe of three are always traveling with me, it gets a little hectic.


I was able to witness high-tech experiences and smart devices all powered seamlessly by Cox Gigablast. Having the opportunity to witness an educational virtual lesson with real live footage was awesome. I know any homeschooling parent or school would benefit from this experience in many ways. It was very impressive, not to mention the view during the event.

gigablast cox

Cox Cable rooftop event Cox Cable event

Having 3 kids that love exploring the internet and a hubby that loves his ESPN and FX shows it’s important for me to have to make sure everyone in the household is taken care of. After mentioning all the great features that the Gigablast has to offer, we are considering adding this to our household in order to receive the added benefits of being Cox Cable customers.

If you are considering the Gigablast from Cox Communications, here are just a few amazing features that would be available to you and your family:

  • Amazon Echo
  • Robotic window-washer
  • Remote pet-feeder
  • Smart mirror
  • Smart scale
  • Smart BBQ
  • Smart Fridge Cam and so much more.


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