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Fun and simple ways to prepare your kids for back-to-school

back to school tips for families

I partnered with Jamba Juice for this post, all opinions are my own.

Now that the kids are heading back in school, it’s time to adapt to new schedules. Most kids have started school, but my kids still have a few weeks to go. We’ve had so much fun this summer, and now it all must come to an end. Each year I like to prepare my family for back-to-school with simple tips that will make life easier for all of us. I have taught them a few basic skills that will help prepare them for their first day back at school and throughout the year.

Lunch packed the night before.

Having their lunch packed the night before makes our mornings so much easier. There were times I would catch myself scrambling to make their lunch in the mornings and barely making it to school on time. Now that my twins will be ten years old, they are responsible for making their own lunch. They’ve also noticed by having their lunch ready the night before, it makes the rest of the morning less stressed.

Having their outfits picked out the night before.

As far as my son, he will quickly throw on some jeans and a shirt and he’s good to go for school. My daughter changes outfits at least three times before leaving the house, by reminding her to have her clothes ready the night before, she is able to relax and focus on other things she may need for her school day.

Getting a fresh haircut.

Having a fresh new haircut for the first day of school is a must. I’m sure it’s important for you as much as it is for me to make sure our kids are well groomed and looking presentable for themselves. Not only will others take them serious, but they will also learn to maintain a clean appearance.

Getting a full 8 hours of sleep.

Making sure the kids are in bed by 8:30 pm (even though they don’t fall asleep until an hour later) is so important. I’m not going to talk about this topic too much since we know how important sleep is both for kids and parents.

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Healthy on the go meals.

During this time of year, San Diego still reaches warm temperatures, so I love to treat my kids, and myself to a refreshing, healthy snack before and after-school.  The first day of school is usually nerve wrecking, so to make them feel comfortable it’s always my pleasure to treat them. I like to take my kids where they can have fun and cool off after a long school day. Being cooped up in the house after school is just not an option with my busy little bodies. With our family’s busy schedule, Jamba Juice makes eating healthy so much easier, they have created a warm and inviting atmosphere that keeps us coming back.

back to school tips for families

My family and I stop by Jamba Juice at least twice a week. Their smoothies are so delicious and nutritious. Their menu is packed with real ingredients: whole fruits, vegetables and no artificial flavors, which is something I look for when offering my children a quick on the go meal. We fill up on our favorite smoothies; mine happens to be the PB Chocolate Love, and my children always order Strawberries Wild and Berry Beet It. Since my kids are crazy picky about eating certain fruit and vegetables, it’s convenient to have their smoothies packed with nutrients and flavor at the same time. No complaints here.

How are you getting your family prepared for back-to-school? 




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