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8 Unusual Changes That Happened to My Body After Pregnancy

Just by the title, you’re probably expecting me to say really grose things right? Well actually the changes that occurred within my body after pregnancy were normal. I didn’t always think they were normal, but after having the opportunity at talking with other mom’s, it gave me peace of mind. So here are a few unusual things that happened to me after my pregnancies:

My hips got wider during my pregnancy and stayed that way! I remember one time I was walking through an aisle and my hip completely knocked over an entire shelf, I was so embarrassed ha-ha. I couldn’t believe I had done such a thing and later was told that the expansion of my hips was due to my pregnancy. I now have to sleep with a pillow between my legs to stay comfortable.

I’ve always been into exercising but after having my set of twins, exercising is certainly not the same. At first, I thought I had to use the restroom each time I was exercising especially since my bladder control isn’t the same anymore, but now I have to wear a full coverage and make sure I always run wearing dark-colored shorts in case of a leak alert.

I have hair growing in places that I didn’t know. It’s super embarrassing I know! I never noticed it until I was fully examining my body, Kinda grosed out. Well maybe it’s not that bad.

I grew an inch! I am now 5’3 and standing tall. I know it may not seem like a big deal or unusual for most mom’s, but I was under the impression that women stop growing at age 18. I guess I was wrong.

After I had my set of twins I noticed that my leg hairs grew at a much faster rate. I now have to shave every morning and I’ll sometimes have stubble at the end of the day, it is such a pain for me.

I was excited to have big boobs during pregnancy, and somehow I tried to convince myself they would stay. I was a small C cup shortly after my pregnancy and was ecstatic, but soon went down to an even smaller size than they once were.

The extra fat around my stomach area won’t go away, despite all the exercise in the world. Neither will the annoying belly below the fat. I’ve got me a true mom pouch.

About five months after having my son I noticed after taking a shower my hair was coming out in clumps while combing it out. This was probably one of the scariest moments for me. Although my little one is now a year and a half I still experience hair loss.

Regardless of all the changes that have occurred within my body, I am so blessed to have three beautiful healthy children that bring me an unexplainable joy and fulfillment to my life.


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