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How to Create Voluminous Hair Without Extensions

how to get fuller hair


Today I wanted to bring you an awesome review on a new product that was sent to me. Let me start off by saying that I have always had very fine hair and healthy hair, which is a blessing and a curse at the same time. I have struggled with trying to find ways to add volume to my hair without the strenuous process and painful hair extensions, so when I got my hands on Voloom I was excited and curious to see if it really worked like the pictures. To my surprise it did? You can tell from the photos above how much volume it added and it only took a few minutes, seriously.

The functionality of the device is very user friendly. There is a long cord that is attached to the device along with a digital window that displays the temperature.

how to get fuller hair

You can see the plus and minus sign so that you can adjust the heat according to your needs.

how to get fuller hair

Next on the other side of the handle there is a locking mechanism.  This is nice because you can lock it and shut it when you are no longer using it, which is important when you are storing and traveling with a heated tool.

So what exactly creates all the amazing volume? These purrrdy liitle teeth here! It is similar to a crimper, but because of the shape of the teeth it changes the look, slightly.

how to get fuller hair


When you purchase the Voloom iron, you will get a few things with it.  A heat protection pouch, a hair brush and some clips.

how to get fuller hair

how to get voluminous hair

I have to say I definitely recommend Voloom and hope you would try it for yourself in order to experience the amazing volume it adds. Thank you for reading.