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DIY healthy lunchables for back to school

DIY healthy lunchables for back to school

It’s back to school season, which means new clothes, new expectations and another year closer to high school…. Ok I’m exaggerating, my daughter is 8 going on 15. and my son is 8 going on 5, they are complete opposite. If you’re kids are anything like mine, then you can agree with what I’m about to say..they love food, I mean they can eat every hour if I let them, not to mention they don’t always agree with the food choices I serve them. As much as I have tried to instill healthy food choices in their lives, they seem to gravitate toward junk food, luckily I came up with a solution, since I know many kids love lunchables, I decided to make a fun activity and have them create their own lunchables, of course with healthy alternatives I provided. This activity was really fun for the kiddos and I was happy to see them create their own healthy lunch without having me nag them.

diy healthy luncables for back to schoolMy daughter’s ideal lunch is a turkey sandwhich, grapes, lots of water and anything with cheese involved, so she loved the idea of having her Annie’s Cheddar bunnies included. I have bought Annie’s cheddar bunnies many times in the past for my toddler, but they are definitely a household favorite and there is no age limit to enjoy them either. This healthy DIY lunchable was Mom and daughter approved!

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