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A birthday brunch with Jamba Juice

I received a complimentary brunch from Jamba Juice, all opinions are 100% my own.

On the weekend of my birthday, September 3, 2017 I had the wonderful opportunity to celebrate my special day with family and friends. I knew I wanted something intimate and nothing too extravagant this year, so I decided to celebrate my birthday with a family brunch. Jamba Juice was kind enough to host my brunch with delicious smoothies, fresh juices and a fruit bowl station with healthy toppings.

The smoothie trio pack consisted of 15 smoothies made with whole fruit, vegetables and and 100% juice. These packs included their most popular smoothies, with pre-boosted, non-dairy and vegan options. There was more than enough for everyone at my birthday brunch. Next up was the Jamba bowl bar, which included fruit bowl bases like chia pudding, yogurt, granola, shredded coconut and pumpkin seeds. There was an abundance of healthy toppings to add to the smoothie bowls plus it was so much fun to create our own healthy breakfast.

The Fresh squeezed juice bar was another one of my favorite parts from the brunch. We all had the chance to try the fresh pressed apple juice, which was very tasty, but the cucumber orange cooler was hands down the best fresh juice I’ve tasted in a long time. With the weather being hot, this drink satisfied my thirst along with my guests. I was very satisfied with how great everything turned out and a special Thanks to Jamba Juice for making my birthday brunch that much more special.