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    It’s no secret that I love to get dressed up, anyone that knows me, can say that I have always been a woman that loves to look and feel good about myself. It seems these days there is a stigma that if you’re a mother and look put together then you must be vain or spend most of your time focusing on yourself rather than your children, and that’s not the case at all. That is a topic I would love to touch on in another post. For now, I will tell you about this beautiful dress I came across at Cotton On for only $10, can you believe that?

    blue-dress-3It was the weekend where my husband and I decided to have some grown up time and get dressed up for a nice dinner in our beautiful city of Downtown San Diego. I wasn’t planning on spending too much money on an outfit, but when I came across this dress I knew I had to have it, it was simple yet fit like a glove and the price was perfect. After all, I love to get dolled up for my husband. I guess in a way it shows that I love him enough to take care of my appearance. Since I am at home with our three children most of the day, it also was another reason for me to get dressed up. I owe it to myself as well.

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