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    Simple Everyday Summer Makeup Look

    With Summer coming to end (for some) I thought this would be the perfect makeup look for summer. I know many of you may not have too much time on your hands to put on makeup, so I decided to put together a quick and easy makeup tutorial that is wearable for any time of the day. What I love about this look is how effortless and flawless it appears. I received the IT Cosmetics makeup beauty box in the mail and was hooked. I was so eager to try all the products and come up with a makeup look that was easy yet wearable for a day out with my friends or a night out with my family. Hope you enjoy the video.




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    Soft and Sweet Summer Look

    With Summer finally arriving I wasn’t too sure if this dress would be a good fit considering the weather, but lately it has been ideal, so I dove into my closet…

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    Wounded Warrior Project Ball

    A few weeks back my husband and I had the pleasure of attending the Wounded Warrior Ball. This year it was held at the beautiful Paradise Point Resort in San Diego.…